The interstate transfer process for Army National Guard soldiers involves the transfer of a soldier's membership from one state's National Guard to another. This process allows soldiers to continue their service in the National Guard when they move to a different state.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of the interstate transfer process:

1. Initiate the transfer request: The soldier must first initiate the transfer request by contacting their current unit. They will express their desire to transfer to another state and provide the necessary information.

2. Obtain approval from the current unit: The soldier's current unit will review the transfer request and determine if the soldier is eligible for transfer. They will consider factors such as the soldier's performance, disciplinary record, and any pending obligations.

3. Contact the gaining state: Once the transfer request is approved by the current unit, the soldier will contact the National Guard unit in the state they wish to transfer to. They will provide their information and express their interest in joining that unit.

4. Coordinate with the gaining state: The gaining state's National Guard unit will review the transfer request and determine if they have an available slot for the soldier. They will also consider the soldier's qualifications and any specific needs of the unit.

5. Complete paperwork: The soldier will be required to complete various paperwork for the transfer process. This may include a transfer application, medical records, security clearance verification, and other administrative forms.

6. Obtain release from the current state: The soldier's current state National Guard will release them from their membership and provide the necessary paperwork to transfer their records to the gaining state.

7. Complete the transfer process: Once all paperwork is completed and approved, the soldier's records will be transferred to the gaining state. The soldier will then be officially transferred to the gaining state's National Guard unit.

8. Attend in-processing: Upon arrival at the gaining state, the soldier will attend an in-processing session where they will receive information about the unit, its policies, and any specific requirements.

9. Begin service in the gaining state: After completing the in-processing, the soldier will officially become a member of the gaining state's National Guard unit. They will then resume their service and fulfill their duties in the new unit.